S+M Fragrances was developed in 2015 by Manuela King based on her deep interest in scent and how it influences our memories. Manuela's career as a landscape architect gave her a familiarity with the botanical nature of plants and their natural properties.  She is fascinated with the idea that scent can transport you to another time and place.  She is the perfume designer of the line.

S+M Fragrances are designed to be both beautiful and healing at an emotional and physical level.   

Our inspirations are based on our personal memories and dreams of places we have been and places yet to visit. Our fragrances contain all natural essences.  Apply freely and often to pulse points and chakras to gain their full benefit.

S+M Fragrances are hand-crafted in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Available at:

Birch SF

Half Hitch Goods, Mobile Store

Tigerlily Perfumery, San Francisco

Branded, Mill Valley

The Goods, Mill Valley

Burnt Sugar, Seattle

Maison D'Etre, Oakland