What is your background?

Manuela is a landscape architect who has a passion for fragrance in plants and perfumes.  In her work as a landscape architect, she has designed many gardens based on the senses - touch, sight, smell and sound.  She began blending perfumes with her friend Shaun in 2014.  She developed a passion as a perfumer since that time.  She loves sultry white flower florals and fresh crisp green notes.




What are the ingredients in your fragrances? 

Our ingredients are natural botanical essential oils and absolutes in a base of organic grape alcohol.  We do not use any synthetic fragrances, preservatives or fixatives.  Our oils and absolutes come from a variety of sources around the world.  Each ingredient is individually selected for its purity, scent and vibration.


What makes your fragrances different from others?

Each blend is specifically formulated to create an elegant fragrance while, at the same time, bringing emotional resonance to the wearer.  Flowers have a long history of associations with love, sexuality, sense of peace, divine connection.  We have researched the historical healing properties and language of flowers and blended our essences to reflect these.  Like a fine wine, each blend is unique.

Because our fragrances do not use synthetic scents, extenders or fixatives, they are more subtle than commercial perfumes.  They are intended to be applied freely and often.  Personal skin types and chemistry will affect their longevity on the body.

Natural fragrances are more subject to changes in temperature.  Store them out of direct sunlight.  Like wine, the perfumes will bloom in the bottle, subtly changing over time.  

Our fragrances contain higher amounts of natural botanical oils than commercial perfumes.  They may stain delicate fabrics if applied directly to them.



I believe fragrance has the ability to alter your mood, transporting you to a place of love, peace and calmness.   I design all our blends by first considering what emotion I would like the wearer to feel.  Joy, creativity, unconditional love, desire - these can all be manifested through fragrance.
                   -Manuela King,  perfumer